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May I introduce myself ?

My name is Angelique Vermont.

Since 2007 I am a gifted psychic medium

In the meantime I already have 15 years of experience

And in that time I have been able to build up a regular clientele

of which of course I am very proud of

I am active in the greater Ostend region near the Belgian coast

A lot of clients from the region, but also a lot from far beyond 

the provincial borders

I am happy to be at your service with spirituel help and assistance

Feel free to contact me for a reading of for further information

Readings by appointment only


I knew from a very young age that I had a gift,

but didn’t really realize that there was more 

than that I could see with my own eyes.

I was very critical of life after death, until I was on a turning point in my life.

I heard a voice reprimanding me to pull myself together 

and give my life a fresh start.

After that, my life changed completely.I wasn't alone anymore, 

my guardian guide was with me, I call him Pa-tje (he's my kids' grandfather).

He told me the day he came to me :

"I will never leave you, I will stay with you until you leave this planet".

Since that day, now amost 16 years ago, 

he has supported me through thick and thin,

helped people process their grief and make life choices.

I am extremely grateful for the gift I have received.

Helping people in their lives, choosing their right path, 

their to accomplish destiny, to make people understand 

why they are going through difficult times, etc...

Everyone has a soul family in heaven and those souls do everything they can

to help their families who are here on this planet as much as possible and to help them reach their destiny.

After 15 years, my view on the above (the higher dimension)

 is so much broadened.

I now know that everything has a higher purpose, every soul has a purpose.

They also prepared me to do bodyscans,

so that a very early diagnosis can be made.

Pa-tje, my spiritual guide, has given me insights

 into how everything above works.

Every human being must accomplish his destiny

and with that I can help people by listening to their guides

and then present them with the best life path, 

or how best to deal with certain situations.

Pa-tje, my spiritual guid​e

Without the help of Pa-tje, my guide,

 I would never managed

 to do this profession.

He is not only my guide, but also my friend,

my children's grandfather,

My support when life is just as difficult.


1943 - 1981

Z.180 Tornado

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