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              Crossing over of lost souls

We all die, but it is only our physical body that dies.

As Dr Brian Weiss also states in his quote on the homepage of this website

The moment our body dies, the soul leaves the body and goes back to where the original came from.

Most of us call this place heaven.

The soul, also called the astral body, must go to "the light", which is the gateway to heaven.

But some souls, however, do not go to the light.

The reason why they decide not to do so varies.

Fear of the unknown, a traumatic life that is behind them, being in shock after an unexpected and violent end

 or the realization that they have done wrong during their life,

those are the most common reasons why someone decides not to take that step.

Often they hide in houses or other buildings.

Some even find themselves in such a hopeless situation for several centuries.

Every now and then a soul comes to the realization of his or her situation and makes himself/herself 

known to the residents of the house where they are staying.

Often by creating a sound, they then try to draw attention to them.


And I would like to help those wandering souls further in their existence, by guiding them to the light.

In the meantime, I have already helped a lot of those souls by being able to offer them a new future, 

which gives me a lot of satisfaction as a medium.

That is why I can always be contacted for such an assignment.

 Feel free to let me know if you suspect any spiritual activity in your home or in places you often visit

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